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Anonymous said: The heyday of Numenor, 10 & 13?

Here’s a Numenorean city in #13! It’s a bit messy but I think it gets the point across. :) I loved Akallabeth and Sauron’s manipulation of Numenor is one of my favourite things (who cares about the One Ring amirite). Palette #13 is so shiny and golden, it fits Numenor’s high days so well.

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tralalalally said: If you’re still taking palette requests, how about Gondolin in 15? (Also! Your art is just utterly lovely, and I’m always so happy when it crosses my dash.)

delphes said: 15 + Gondolin :D

Anonymous said: Gondolin and #2?

Gondolin in #15! I’ve drawn the city once before so I at least had some idea of how I wanted to do it up this time. I made it extra shiny. Thanks for the requests (and for the compliment ahhh blushu blushu)!! I did this instead of sleeping. Such is my love for the Silm…

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Follower Giveaway!

I know it’s only something really small but because this blog has so many awesome followers I got this little extra to give away to one lucky follower!

It’s a limited edition Elrond postcard with NZ Gandalf stamp on the back. I bought this card in Matamata (Hobbiton) and to be honest I haven’t seen these cards anywhere else before!

I will randomly choose one follower to send the card to and will ship to anywhere in the world!

To win you must:

  • follow this blog
  • reblog this post (you can like and reblog it as many times as you like to increase your chances)
  • be 18+ or have your parent’s permission
  • be willing to send me your address so I can send the card to you in case you’re the lucky winner

Winner will be chosen on Friday, 1st August!

Good luck!!

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i can’t believe it’s 2014 and there’s still no gay romantic comedy about vin diesel and dwayne johnson falling in love

They raise a gaggle of kids undercover working for a gov’t agency together

i would pay multiple dollars to see vin diesel and dwayne johnson portray a cute affectionate couple

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How beautiful can one man be? 

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